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Nosy Neighbors, Part Two

I regularly take photos in a high-end, gated community.  They’ve got private security driving around all the time.  One area you have to check in at a guard shack, show them your driver’s license, etc.

First of all, let me say that the men and women who work there in security could be real jerks but never are.  (Well, mostly.  There was one guy who excelled at being a jerk, but it seems he got fired.  He probably became a cop.)

Anyway, I was shooting twilight shots of a house in this gated community one time.  Boring work, waiting for the right light, all the lights in the house on.  Someone’s walking by with their dog.  I nod and say, “Good evening. ”  They nod.  And then they go into the house next door.

About 10 minutes later one of the security cars rolls up, parks, and a guy I know gets out.

“Hey there,” I say.

“Hey, Dave.”

“What’s up?”

“Can I see your ID?”

I pull it out and hand it to him.  He pulls out his flashlight and looks at it, then shines the light toward me vaguely.

“Is there a problem?” I ask.

“Only with the neighbor behind me who is probably in that darkened corner room watching us.  I need to make a big show of talking to you and checking your ID or they’ll call you in until you leave and then call my boss tomorrow and complain.”

“So I guess this has happened before.”

“They call in everyone.  You’re just standing here, though, so I have to make it look good.”

He hold my ID up and shines the light at it.  Then he hands it back to me.  Puts his hands on his hips.  “Now I’m going to pretend to talk to you very seriously.  And then I’ll go back and have some coffee.”

And a few minutes later he drove off.

I glanced over and saw someone in the window.

I waved.

And later I took a box of cookies to the security shack.  Ones that go well with coffee.

Nosy Neighbors, Part One

You spend enough time photographing homes in all kinds of neighborhoods and all kinds of times of day, you run into some nosy neighbors.  Some are funny.  Some are annoying.

This may have to be a recurring theme.

Photographing a house you usually don’t park right in front of it just so you don’t have your car right outside the window.  So, parked at the neighbor’s one time I go walking back to my car carrying camera, lights, etc. and am putting them away in my trunk when the neighbor comes out.

Neighbor: What are you doing?

Me: Packing up to leave.

N: Why’d you park here?

M: I was photographing the house next door and didn’t want my car in the window.  Is there a problem?

N: You parked in front of my house with a camera.

M: (I didn’t feel like explaining that, being in public, I wasn’t doing anything wrong. )  A camera I never pointed at your house, by the way.

N: (So now she’s just going to be annoying and bitchy, evidently for the hell of it.)  This is my parking area. I’ve got friends coming over.

M: (I look around.)  I don’t see any private parking signs.  And, besides, if you hadn’t come out and hassled me for no good reason, I’d be gone by now.

N: (Turns and heads into the house.)

M: (Has a leisurely cigarette and answers some messages on my phone for about 10 minutes.)

Interesting addendum….  The house I shot next door was under contract in about a week, closed escrow 2 months later.  A little while later I was in the same neighborhood and noticed the nosy neighbor’s house was on the market.  Lousy photos — in fact the lady was in one of them.  Horrible.  House sat on the market for 8 months before getting an offer.