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We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Cooking, eating, entertaining — I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing where everyone hangs out at a party.

A lot of the higher-end homes I shoot nowadays have two different cabinet colors like this.  Kinda tired of the over-dark wood, so the blonde was a nice contrast.

Custom Kitchen
Kitchen in a custom luxury home in Meadow Vista, CA

Geeky stuff: 12mm, flash bounced off ceiling camera left and camera right.

Weekend Plans

And just like that, my weekend plans went from 1 small shoot on Saturday to 3 shoots on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.  And pretty much all over Northern California.


Yes, I know that Sunday is Easter but we didn’t really have any plans anyway.  And I should be back in time to make a ham or something.

Can’t turn stuff down.  Got a daughter to put through UC Santa Cruz.

Post With Picture

Being about photography, I thought it might be good to see how this looks with a picture.

Three-quarter bathroom in a luxury home
Three-quarter bathroom in a luxury home

Although this picture was originally 800×600, resized automatically because I’ve modified this theme to have a max-width of 600px.  And, clicking on it, should show you the full-size version.