Attack Cat

I should’ve gotten a picture.

The agent gave me a contractor box code and told me there was a dog (“She’ll bark a lot but she’s friendly”) and a cat (“Very friendly.”)

I first rang the door bell.  No answer.  Use the key and went in, yelling out, “Hello?”  (Yeah, I’ve been burned by having keys before.)  Nothing.  But immediately from the other side of the family room I hear a hiss and see the cat, back arched.  As I enter the room the cat jumps to the back of the couch, batting a paw in my direction, still hissing and spitting.

I start turning on lights and the cat runs up and bats at my leg — I’m guessing it’s been declawed and that’s why I’m not bleeding — and runs away.  As I’m going down the hall I get to one bedroom and, turning on the light, the cat jumps up the wall to the light switch and I swear tried to bite me.  I grabbed the door and shut it, locking the cat in the room.

Shot the whole house in peace, hearing the cat howling in that bedroom.  Wrapped up, took my gear out to the porch.  Went back in, banged on the bedroom door, unlatched it and pushed it open, and ran.  As I was closing the front door I could hear the little monster headed down the hall for me.

I decided to not test the dog’s disposition.