Life Moves Pretty Fast….

10:30am, Agent One: What’s your availability this week?

10:31am, Me: Depends on the address — what is it? (I like to see how it sits to determine when to shoot.)

10:45am, Me: Need to see how it sits and what slots I have.  Address?

11:05am, Agent Two: Got a house at [address] — when can you shoot it?

11:08am, Me: Faces south-ish, how about Noon on Friday?

11:10am, Agent Two: Great!  See you then.

11:30am, Agent One: It’s in Shingle Springs.

11:31am, Me: I need the address to see how it’s positioned.

11:48am, Agent One: The address is [address].  Can you do it Friday?

11:50am, Me: [looks, needs noonish shots] An hour ago I could have.

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