If you want a truly awful experience purchasing a laptop, I’d like to recommend Blinq.

They had some decent “open box” deals on laptops, so I thought I’d give it a try.  First of all, vague shipping times so I paid extra for express shipping.  The “express” 2-3 day shipping evidently meant 2-3 business days  because it took 5.

Then I open the box and discover I didn’t get what I ordered from Blinq  While I ordered i5, 8GB, 13″ laptop, what they’ve shipped me is a Pentium, 4GB, 11″ laptop.  Not the same thing.  At all.

Looking at their website, what they shipped was $148 cheaper.

So, chat with a Blinq customer service rep.

Blinq  Rep: You can send it back or we can refund $90.

Me: Let me see, I think $90 is less than the $148 difference.

Blinq Rep: I can refund $140.

Me: Um…let me check my math….

Rep: I talked to my supervisor and I can issue you a refund of $148.

Meanwhile, what Blinq sent really is a piece of crap.  Way lower specs.  Slower, less storage, crap CPU.  It’s light…and small…and junk.  Shipping back to Blinq right away.

Staging Bathrooms

Earlier today….

Photographing a bedroom and hearing agent and stager fighting with shower curtain in the main bath.  Move to next bedroom, they continue being frustrated by it.  Finally they find me and announce that the bathroom is ready to be photographed.

Go back…find that you can’t even see the shower curtain from where I’m going to shoot it.  I decide to not tell them and let them find out later.

Battery Geekiness

So I was about to blame Yongnuo for a strobe misbehaving the other day.  I had just put fresh batteries in it and it was recharging slow, seemed weak, etc.

Because I have that kind of time sometimes, I switched all the batteries to another strobe.  And now that one sucked.  Aha!  Batteries, not strobe.

After the shoot I got home and put all four batteries into the chargers.  (I’m weird: I label my batteries in groups of 4 so I know which group to keep together, charge together, etc.  Makes me happy.  Leave me alone.)

The next morning I look and 2 of the questionable group are charged and the other pair aren’t.  But which one?  So then break that pair up into different spots and pair the two that are charged with them.  Ta da!  One pair still not charged.

After all this, I know I’ve got one battery AA that isn’t charging right.  Just one.

Now…where do I buy just one replacement….