Different Clocks

I think I’ve figured out the problem: Contractors who work in the construction or repair trade use a different clock.  One that doesn’t work out hours and minutes the same as our clocks.

I’m often told by my customers that “the contractor says they’ll be done Wednesday,” and then, the Tuesday before, told that it’ll be at least another week.  A day off is one thing…a week shows a severely poor planning and/or estimating.

If this were happening during a season where the work may be adversely impacted by rain or cold, sure, but it’s year round.  Any time a contractor is involved I only “pencil” in the appointment on the calendar and if another customer wants that time slot, I’ll check.  Invariably the answer comes back that, “Okay, they won’t be ready, go ahead and use that time for someone else.”

This it further evidenced by when I call a contractor in order to get an estimate and am told “be there at X:00.”  And they show up at X:30 without even a call.  Or don’t show up at all.  Remember: this is sometimes for getting an estimate — I’m not even a customer yet and they’re blowing me off!

(Additionally, can’t believe how many of them who do call to explain why they’ll be an hour or more late are having car troubles.  Mechanics must be making tons off of contractors at the rate their cars are breaking down.)

What does this have to do with real estate photography?  It has more to do with business.

Well, I’m also an independent contractor, but if I treated my customers the way most in the construction or repair trade seem to treat their customers, I’d have no customers pretty fast.  If I’m going to be more than 5 or 10 minutes late, I call.

You’d think that services like Yelp and Yahoo and Google’s reviews would be a wake-up call but they’re not.  Sadly.

By the way, they’re not all bad.  One electrical contractor around here I’ve used a few times shows up early.  I always ask him if he’s okay.