An Open Letter to Stagers and Decorators

I go into a lot of homes.

So there are some things that I see over and over and I think I speak for other real estate photographers — and probably many real estate agents and buyers — when I say these things.  Over and over and over….

  • Enough with the roosters in the kitchen.  I’ve seen ceramic, metal, wood, fabric, glass, and even “real” ones with feathers and such.  I’ve seen realistic ones, ones that look like robots, ones that are avant-garde depictions of roosters.  Statuettes, plates, soap dispensers, floor mats, decorative plates — enough.  If you’ve ever been around roosters you’d know that they’re nasty, smelly creatures with a temper like a chihuahua on crack.
  • I’ve seen “Live, Laugh, Love” on plaques, pillows, throws, picture frames, photo albums, decorative plates, and painted or applied to walls.  Nice sentiment — way over used.  Just once I’d like to see, “Die, Cry, Hate” for variety.  (Actually, this might be great for Halloween!)
  • A bowl full of woven orbs seems cute.  Until it sits there for a week and you have to dust it.  Constantly.
  • The “throw” casually draped across and over the back of the chair or couch is hypocritical.  If I do that with my coat I’m yelled at.
  • If you put down a rug on a wood or laminate floor and don’t put an anti-skid backing on it, you’re a monster.
  • And, finally, the “Always kiss me goodnight” decal on the wall over the master bed seems like there should be “…or else” after it.

And this is just what jumps to mind for my indoor items.  I’ll have to think about some outdoor things for a later date.

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