Image Quality

Got to discussing image quality in an online group today and how one person’s pictures looked fine on export but as soon as the agent uploaded them to MLS they looked like crap.

For some reason JPEG quality is a scale of 0 through 12, 0 being the smallest file size and lowest quality and 12 being the largest file size and greatest quality.  I generally do everything at 10 as it gives a great quality and a significantly smaller file size than 12.

So I decided to do a little experiment.  I generally provide much larger files (at least 1200×900) to my clients, but these will work for here.  Click any image to see a larger version.

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Completely unrelated to photography except that I was also shooting pictures that day…..  Just a funny story.

When my daughter played water polo I’d do whatever I could to volunteer.  Work the snack bar, take pictures, etc.  One day working the snack bar during a tournament our propane tank was running low and I knew I’d need it for lunch of burgers and hot dogs.  A couple of the boys who played water polo were also volunteering to help at the snack bar — mainly because it got them out of class, I’m sure — and they decided that three of them needed to go.

So I gave them two twenties and told them to take the tank down to Safeway and exchange the tank, get a receipt, etc.  This was like 9am.  Safeway was about 2 miles away.

Around 10:20 they came back in with a full propane tank for the grill.

When I asked why it took almost 90 minutes for a 10 minute errand, I was told how they thought Safeway was closed, so they went to the gas station 3 miles away from that, but it didn’t have propane.  So then they went to a tire place.  No propane.  Then they went to another grocery store (passing Safeway again) and discovered they didn’t have a tank exchange.  Eventually they did wind up back and Safeway and exchange the tank.

You might think they were just messing with me, but the story was told so convincingly and with interruptions and corrections that I knew it was true.

So…3 teenage boys together have a lower combined IQ than any one of them individually.


Car Sitting

Sometimes it’s too breezy to use a pole.  My camera here is on a tripod on top of my car.

Twilight Shot

And I think this is just about the last time I’ll ever shoot a house like this.  Lost a lot of time, sleep, gray-matter, and stomach-lining over this one.  Just not worth it.  In the time it took me to shoot, edit, go back, edit more — I could’ve done 6 or more “normal” sized homes.  So my rate for this kind of thing just went through the roof, and I’m guessing agents aren’t going to be willing to pay it.


Someone asked why I photograph houses and not people.

“Well, houses never ask to look thinner, they don’t cry, they don’t barf on you, and they don’t complain that you didn’t get a shot of their drunk uncle at the reception doing his flying squirrel impersonation.”

Actually, the real reason is because I saw so much horrible real estate photography and felt it was unfair to the sellers who just want to have their house properly marketed and represented.

And houses don’t barf on you.